What is Seed Planters International UK Ltd!

Seed Planters International is an online and open multiple platforms consultant and broker for discovering and investing in great startups and projects. We connect and make it possible for people to invest as much or as little as they like in the startups they choose through a simple, online process, and we let startup businesses raise seed capital seamlessly from friends, family, members of their communities and independent investors. Transform the startup world by giving entrepreneurs a platform to leverage their friends, family and existing base of supporters to collectively raise investment. These investors represent a large new pool of capital and can act as mentors, supporters and advocates for these young companies.

Seed Planters International is an Alternative Business Funding base on equity and debt peer to peer business crowdfunding platforms where investors and experienced business people invest in pre-vetted SMEs and various start-up projects. Investors often play an active role in the business, providing the initial funding, expertise and contacts to drive growth. We are in the business of introducing Investors and Entrepreneur, start-up and SMEs, Property Developers, arranging deals in investments and making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments for life policies, unit and rights to or interest in securities and contractually based investments.

We give ordinary people to the opportunity to invest in the startup they choose to; Get exposure to the returns from a portfolio of startup investments; Enjoy the excitement of being part of dynamic, high-growth businesses; and Help friends and family, communities get their business ideas off the ground